Home is Where the Heart is...

Christmas decorations are going up, the air is crisp, and if you’re in the North East you may have already received some snow flurries. This only means one thing. The Holiday Season is upon us. As the temperatures start dropping one degree at a time, I can only think about how crazy this experience is. Growing up, I have always associated summer, the heat and the piercing sun with the Festive Season. Now living in Connecticut, where the Northeaster can be so brutal and sometimes debilitating, you can only imagine how weird the adjustment must have been for me – quite frankly, I am still adjusting. Single digit (Celsius) weather over the holidays is mind blowing. Christmas indoors! What?! How do people even ring in the New Year??? It’s too cold to even think about stepping outside the front door!

None the less, there is just something about the snow - It’s charming, it’s cozy and brings about the warm cheer. Everything smells and tastes like cinnamon or fondly known pumpkin spice. This is quite a magical time – with Thanksgiving coming up and the anticipation of Christmas, I can only be grateful for the love around me, the friends who have become family, and the experiences gathered over the years. I look back with nostalgia, missing home, missing loved ones. It’s always tough being so far away from family, but this time of year makes it even tougher. I hold with me in my heart all the memories and the warmth I feel every time I think of home. This pendant is a constant reminder that not only is home where the heart is, but that Africa will forever be in my heart. It’s such a pleasure to share a little piece of me with you. I hope that this pendant can bring you the same warmth, love and light.


Happy Holidays,

From the Khindlove team!



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